Farewell, Paul

I posted this on Twitter on Monday, October 15th.

I lost my friend today. We all did. @PaulGAllen had a brilliant mind and a gift for seeing the best in people. I miss you already, Paul.

Paul G. Allen, shredding in April 2016

Paul G. Allen, shredding in April 2016

When I was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, Paul was my rock. When asked for advice, he said "You're a musician. This is a change in tempo. Not a new song." He knew.

When our startup closed, he wouldn't let me go. When I told him that I felt like I had failed him, he told me, "There's still work to do. Hard problems to tackle. Look ahead. Think about what should exist."

He had clear instructions for me, no matter what was going on -- or if I was prepared for the mission or knew how to answer his questions. Be strong. Continue the mission. Think about what should exist. Keep going.

Guess what? I'm not prepared for today, Paul. None of us are. Just going to do what you would want us to do. Be strong. Be brave. Keep thinking about what should exist.