AI @ Microsoft, Robotics @ Rewired



I believe in the power of artificial intelligence. I lead product development for Azure Cognitive Services, Microsoft's portfolio of speech, natural language, computer vision, and search products. 

I think success should be measured in terms of global impact. I am a Venture Partner at Rewired Studio, a London-based robotics-focused venture studio with a focus on humanitarian applications. Previously, I was a Senior Director for Innovation at Paul Allen's incredible Vulcan Inc., where I led teams that tackled some of the world's most important problems, from climate change and clean energy to biodiversity and global health.

I love changing how organizations think about early-stage technologies. I recently spent a year as the Chief Product Officer of the Intel® Saffron™ Cognitive Solutions Group, developing AI-powered enterprise applications for financial services, industrial manufacturing, and talent management.

I think that small teams can accomplish amazing things. I've founded (and run) three consumer-facing startups: A.R.O. Inc., Swingly, and Extractiv. I also served as CEO of Language Computer Corporation, an amazing natural language processing company that built some of the best systems in question-answering, information extraction, and textual inference in the early 2000s.

I'm not intimidated by hard problems. I've led research in natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and ubiquitous computing. I even publish (sometimes). My work can be found in the proceedings of AAAI, ACL, SIGIR, and NIPS.